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Featured Initiatives

CIC Indicator Project Database

CIC's website is a resource for individuals and organizations working to improve the use of indicators for better planning, decision-making and communities' quality of life. Whether you have been working with community indicators for many years or are just starting out, welcome!

Check out our on-line database of Community Indicator Projects for information about and links to community indicator projects around the world. 

CIC Community Indicator-Performance Measures Integration Project (CI-PM)

CIC has worked to connect  community indicators with performance measures (CI-PM) - find out what CI-PM integration means, why it is important, and where it is being done. This work was supported by a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and countless hours by volunteers and subject matter experts.

Check out the:


2014 Impact Summit Report




2013 CIC Impact Summit

view photos of the conference here

/system/medias/870/post/ConfThumbNail.jpg?1388792282 CIC_Impact_Summit_Conference_Report_2013.pdf (pdf)

CIC Members and Attendees:

view archives of the 2013 Impact Summit here




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