These upcoming events are offered by CIC and by a variety of organizations in related fields and may be of interest to practitioners and researchers in community indicators.  CIC cannot vouch for the content or occurrence of non-CIC events.

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This coffee-break webinar provides a broad description of the CRC Regional Indicators Project’ structure, indicators and accomplishments. The Regional Indicators Project is a way to measure progress on economic and social goals related to our region’s priorities. The indicators assist community leaders, elected officials, and funders in making informed, strategic decisions to drive change. The data quantifies the current state of our region and allows us to compare ourselves to similar communities and measure progress over time.

Better Know a CI Project Webinars are structured to give maximum exposure in a very short time to CI projects all over the world so community indicators practitioners can learn about each other and be in a better position to view each other as a source of inspiration and ideas.

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