Data Transparency 2018 (DT2018)

//Data Transparency 2018 (DT2018)

These upcoming events are offered by CIC and by a variety of organizations in related fields and may be of interest to practitioners and researchers in community indicators.  CIC cannot vouch for the content or occurrence of non-CIC events.

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DT2018 will focus on how data is standardized, shared, and used to create a better future for our society. The event will feature three program tracks that highlight the different lenses through which we see the movement of disconnected documents transforming to standardized, shareable data:

  • Government Data: The Government Data track will explore data-driven management, anti-fraud analytics, and future reforms like the OPEN Government Data Act.
  • Compliance Data: The Compliance Data track will explore ideas like Standard Business Reporting, technologies like blockchain, and initiatives such as the White House’s Results Oriented Accountability for Grants CAP Goal that aim to avoid costs and reduce regulatory burden.
  • Private-Sector Data: The Private-Sector Data program track will introduce the concepts, motivations, and benefits of private-sector data sharing.

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