Canadian Composite Learning Index [DUPLICATE]

/Canadian Composite Learning Index [DUPLICATE]

Canadian Composite Learning Index [DUPLICATE]

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Last Updated: Jul 31 2017
Project Location:
Entire Country
State / Province:
Entire Country
Lead Organization:
Canadian Council on Learning (CCL)
Type of Organization:
Nonprofit - National

Geographic Scope

Municipality, State/Province, National

Issue Areas

Arts and Culture, Economy, Education, Governance, Other, Social


“The Composite Learning Index (CLI) is Canada’s annual measure of progress in lifelong learning. It is based on a combination of statistical indicators that reflect the many ways Canadians learn, whether in school, in the home, at work or within the community.

To reflect this broad perspective, the CLI uses a wide range of learning indicators to generate numeric scores for more than 4,500 communities across Canada. A high CLI score means that a particular city, town or rural community possesses the kinds of learning conditions that foster social and economic well-being. A low CLI score means that a community is under-performing in certain aspects that are key to lifelong learning.

With five years of data, the CLI is an objective and reliable measurement tool that can help communities make the best possible decisions about learning — decisions that will strengthen social ties, bolster the economy and hopefully improve people’s lives.”

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Marc Lachance
Canadian Council on Learning (CCL) - Educational Organization
Ottawa ON, CN