Call for Proposals

CIC is seeking proposals that reflect research, expertise and/or practical experience that is innovative, well-grounded, and related to community indicators.  Proposals must be submitted online using the form below.

The 2019 Impact Summit will look at what is done all over the world at the local or regional scale to:

  • Encourage people’s participation in data collection efforts, from local surveys to national counts, and insure that everyone is counted
  • Obtain more detailed, disaggregated, in-depth information on groups that have historically been left out by traditional surveys and other data-gathering tools
  • Support access to accurate and fair data
  • Improve transparency and build trust in science and information
  • Shape the presentation and dissemination of data to make it accessible and actionableUse data to change minds, reduce inequities, improve community well-being and strengthen democracy

The proposal topic must fit in one of the following tracks:

  • Measure: New or innovative indicators or indices; methods or technology to survey and collect data and assure data accuracy and consistency; approaches to reach hard-to-count populations or collect more detailed, disaggregated, in-depth information on groups that have historically been left out by traditional surveys and other data-gathering tools
  • Communicate: Effective reporting methods using a variety of media, innovative visualization and storytelling to translate knowledge and change minds.
  • Connect: Promising or demonstrated approaches for collaborations with and among the public, decision-makers, or other stakeholders, e.g., innovative partnerships, public outreach models, participatory approaches to governance.
  • Impact: Practices or models based on sound evidence for moving from data to action; initiatives that used indicators to improve resilience, well-being and democracy in local or regional communities.
  • Maintain: Tools and practices that build internal organizational resilience and financial sustainability necessary to make an impact on the community.

Available presentation formats are: talks (15-20 min. / 1-2 people); panel (50 minutes / 3 people + moderator); workshop (50 or 80 minutes); Pecha Kucha presentation (7 min. / 1 person)

The Call for Proposals for the 2019 CIC Impact Summit has been extended until May 3.  The program committee will review and accept submissions during the open submission period. The committee expects to have proposals reviewed and final acceptances before May 24.

Please review carefully before submitting.  All fields that include a little red asterisk are required, but you are encouraged to fill out every field.  Please upload the body of your proposal as a PDF or WORD (.doc or .docx) file of no more than 500 word and not to exceed 250 MB.

Please contact CIC if you encounter any problems while completing the file.

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