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CIC is seeking proposals that reflect research, expertise and/or practical experience that is innovative, well-grounded, and related to community indicators.  Proposals must be submitted online using the form below.

Community Data: a Catalyst for Change

With explicit focuses on equity, wellbeing, and sustainability, the 2020 Impact Summit will showcase how data and community indicators are or can be used to foster opportunity and catalyze change within communities and institutions. We will critically examine the connection between community indicators and quality of life, and share new research, innovative methods, on-the-ground experiences and practical case studies on how to measure, analyze, connect, and communicate community data for better outcomes.

The Call for Proposals for the 2020 CIC Impact Summit closes March 31.  The program committee will review and accept submissions during the open submission period. The committee expects to have proposals reviewed and final acceptances before April 30.

Please review carefully before submitting.  All fields that include a little red asterisk are required, but you are encouraged to fill out every field.  Please upload the body of your proposal as a PDF or WORD (.doc or .docx) file of no more than 500 word and not to exceed 250 MB.

Please contact CIC if you encounter any problems while completing the form.

Conference Tracks:

Health and Well-being

How we track physical and mental health to improve health outcomes and ensure the well-being of our communities.  It will cover a wide range of topics, from the social determinants of health to happiness and will highlight innovations in measuring and connecting and tools to support health  programs and improve quality of life.

Community Planning and Development

This track encompasses a range of topics that relate to both physical and social elements considered when planning for communities.  We are particularly interested in metrics, initiatives and research that draw a connection between the built environment and community well-being and help break down barriers.

Sustainable Development

The community indicators movement has long attempted to report on the 3 Es (Environment, Economy, Equity) with a local focus on the progress of communities and cities towards sustainable development standards. This track presents the many ways in which community indicator programs are either integrating sustainable development or retooling to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their existing fra Save meworks.

Children & Families

Children and families are being recognized not only as the focus and manifestation of community well-being at the individual / micro scale, but also as central change agents in promoting the well-being of themselves, others, and their communities. Many neighborhoods, organizations, communities and funders orient around child / family thriving as a central means of promoting and tracking improvements in quality of life. This track will address the role of community indicators in various efforts that focus on the well-being of children and their families.

Place-based Funders and Place-Based Initiatives

Place-based community change initiatives are being established in a growing number of communities throughout the United States, with a combined governmental and philanthropic investment that now exceeds ten billion dollars. This track will offer opportunities for place-based funders (such as Community Foundations, United Ways and local governments) and others working on place-based strategies to share knowledge and lessons learned about using community indicators to further their missions and improve their communities.

Innovative Data Tools

Efforts to transform communities and improve quality of life call for data methods that can address social complexity, which in turn have implications for community indicators. This track will highlight innovations and new approaches to traditional methods and effective techniques to collect, analyze or visualize data, such as modeling, mapping, dashboards, etc. to translate knowledge and change minds.

Community Engagement

Success depends in the ability to interest and mobilize the community. We are looking for promising or demonstrated approaches for collaborations with and among the public, decision-makers, or other stakeholders, e.g., winning partnerships, public outreach models, participatory approaches to governance or interactive communications.

Organization Development & CI-PM Integration

This track will look at strategies, resources or tools (e.g., effective leadership, efficient operations, evaluation or performance management) that build the internal organizational resilience and financial sustainability necessary to increase the effectiveness of a data-focused organization. Integrating Community Indicators and Performance Measures (CI-PM) offers a way to link organizational management and outputs, usually by public institutions, with community outcomes.

Best of the Rest

If your presentation addresses the theme of the conference (data as a catalyst for change) but didn’t seem to fit as part of the above tracks, please use this category.  We will accept a few outstanding presentations that offer a special perspective and help round out the theme.

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