Impact Summit Highlights: Part 2

Last week we shared with you the first two days of sessions for the CIC Impact Summit. Like the informercials say…. “But WAIT, there’s more”

We have two more days of breakout sessions covering many subjects. By grouping them into topic tracks it allows attendees to customize an agenda that works for them. Here is what we have “on tap” for the final two days of the Summit.

  • Skill Building Workshop: Utilizing R for Census and ACS data
  • Community Indicator Research Funding Roundtable + Discussion
  • Keynote: Equity in Global Context: Pursuing Equity in a Climate-Constrained World
  • Best Practices for Community Engagement in Community Indicator Projects Roundtable
  • Indicators of Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Health and Inclusive Growth
  • Digital Skills on the Job: New Data, Creative State Policies, and Advocacy Opportunities
  • Minnesota’s New Framework for Monitoring and Supporting Its STEM Ecosystem
  • The Role of Local Indicators Developed in a Participatory Manner
  • Learnings and Challenges Through the Shizuoka Community Indicators Project
  • “Metric Conversations” to Help Align Community Indicators with U.N. SDGs
  • Reporting on Sustainable Development with you Community Indicator System: Lessons from Winnipeg’s Voluntary Local Review
  • Leaving No One Behind – How to Advance Equity in Local Data Reporting for the Sustainable Development Goals

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Advancing Equity Through Housing Affordability Indicators

October 19, 2021

12:30 PM – 1:30 PM ET

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