Community Indicators Consortium Strategic Plan by Goal and Action

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Community indicators will be used by all communities to monitor community conditions that create inequity and to facilitate sustainable improvements in quality of life.


As the worldwide central knowledge and organizational hub for community indicators projects, CIC advances and supports measurable, equitable and sustainable improvements in the quality of community life.

Goal 1: Increase the use of community indicators for monitoring community conditions and advancing sustainability and improvement of community well-being.

  • Provide resources and tools (conference, webinars, training…) for Community Indicator Projects
  • Promote the use of data with equitable lens
  • Network/Discussion/Training Opportunities
  • Cultivate expertise through publications to support use of CIPs

Goal 2: Promote community engagement as a critical component of community indicators, the baseline from which community indicators should be developed, and the foundation for work to address inequities.

  • Offer training on community engagement
  • Partnerships with community engagement/equity organizations

Goal 3: Expand linkages and mechanisms, across disciplines, to share knowledge across geographies and between organizations using or promoting the use of indicators.

  • Collaboration with similar organizations
  • Strengthen opportunities for members to interact
  • Diversity on the CIC board
  • Strengthen membership benefits
  • Expertise sharing across disciplines and geographies
  • Foster excellence with respected awards

Goal 4: Grow organizational capacity for CIC and community indicators projects.

  • Training on improving organizational capacity
  • Grow membership
  • Fundraising to support CIC and to do research to support CIPs