CIC is going to the OECD World Forum in November.  We will present a workshop on the importance and value of community indicators developed through a meaningful participatory co-creation process that leads to scientifically and logically sound measures that reflect a community’s priorities and amplify its voices and therefore can be used to move the needle on community conditions.   We will staff a booth to identify and address interest in community indicators and provide resources for project initiation and development.  We will also hear from, and bring back information from, world experts in field of measurement and well-being.

By bringing together thousands of leaders, experts and practitioners from all sectors of society, the OECD World Forums on Statistics, Knowledge and Policy have been pushing forward the boundaries of well-being measurement and policy and contributed to an ongoing paradigm shift that emphasises people’s well-being and inclusive growth as the ultimate focus for policies and collective action.  The aim of this 6th OECD World Forum, is to look ahead to the Future of Well-being, and to ask what are the trends that will re-shape people’s lives in the decades to come?

Visit our booth or attend our workshop if you plan on being there.