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Telling Your Story Through Data Visualization
An Intermediate Guide to Excel and Tableau

Translating and analyzing big data using charts, graphics, and images is in great demand. But the art of making compelling visuals is a valuable one to learn. The purpose of this workshop is to introduce some key concepts to help guide your selection of the right visualization to represent your data and to make those graphics impactful on your audience. You also learn the mechanics of making the best graphics using two powerful and widely available software tools: Excel and Tableau. Receive hands-on help in learning how to use some basic charts and graphs more effectively and to learn more about the powerful ways to present data in ways that will forever change how you present data to your users.

Training pre-requisites
Skills: Familiarity with creating workbooks, worksheets, basic menus & toolbars
Tools: Laptop, wired mouse, Microsoft Excel 2013, Tableau Desktop (personal or professional)

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