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Engaging Research Innovations and Challenges (EnRICH) webinar organized by Division of Research within the Office of Epidemiology and Research at the Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB). Neal Halfon, Rebecca Dudovitz, and Shirley Russ will be presenting on a COVID-19 research agenda developed collaboratively by the MCH research networks.

Neal Halfon, MD, Principal Investigator for the Life Course Intervention Research Network (LCIRN), Professor of Pediatrics, Health Policy and Management, and Public Policy at UCLA and Director of the Center for Healthier Children, Families, and Communities.

Rebecca Dudovitz, MD, MSHS, Associate Professor and Associate Chief for Research in General Pediatrics, Vice-Chair of the Primary Care College in the David Geffen School of Medicine, and Associate Program Director of the National Clinicians Scholars Program. Co-lead, LCIRN school research node.

Shirley Ann Russ, MD, MPH, MRCP, FRACP, LCIRN consultant, co-chaired three NICHQ learning collaboratives. Pediatrician trained in the UK and Australia with a special interest in child development.

Learning Objectives:
Understanding the full impact of COVID-19 on children, families, and communities is critical to documenting the scope of the problem, identifying solutions to mitigate harm, and building more resilient response systems. This research agenda seeks to address investigation of the mechanisms and impacts of the shocks posed by COVID-19 to children’s healthy development both in the short-term and across the life course, and to devise and ultimately test responsive interventions.

At the end of this webinar, attendees will:
Assess the potential acute and long-term threats to children’s health development and well-being from systemic and social disruptions related to COVID-19;
Identify priorities for studies that can shift health trajectories and long-term outcomes; and
Review recommended research approaches and discuss potential barriers and opportunities for enacting the research agenda.


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