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Online Training
Leadership in Research Workshop: Developing and Managing a Research Team

June 22 & 29; July 20 & 27; August 10 & 24, 2021
2:30 – 4:30pm ET

This workshop brings directors and managers of community indicators projects, economic and workforce development research together. Through facilitated discussions, scenario-based group exercises, and open peer-to-peer exchanges, participants will hone their skills in strategic planning, team management and development, and budgeting. The course, sponsored by CIC, C2ER, and LMI Institute, will impart innovative strategies and tools for diffusing challenging situations, expanding research networks, and attracting new resources, and communicating effectively with internal and external customers.

Now that you have heard it from us, here’s what past attendees can offer about the benefits of the Leadership in Research Workshop.

“I really enjoyed learning from each of the instructors. It was great to have people from such varied backgrounds and locations.”

“It’s a great opportunity for research leaders to talk about how to become more effective leaders.”

“Great opportunity to share with colleagues to help problem-solve.”

     Register Using the Form: Here

Contact Spencer Abrams at sabrams@crec.net with any questions.

Day 1

Welcome, Introduction, and Overview

Determining the Research Function’s Role within an Organization –

  • Defining a Vision, Mission, & Principles for Your Group
  • Clarifying Your Group’s Role within the Organization’s Strategic Plan
    • Research Value Proposition

Book Discussion – The Leadership Challenge

  • Overview of the Leadership Challenge
    • Distribute self-assessment within the session

Getting on the same page: What is a leader?

Day 2

Building Your Team

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion –
  • Embracing an equity lens
  • Building communication strategies around your recruitment

Book Discussion – The Leadership Challenge

  • Chapter: Model the Way

Day 3

Setting Your Team Up to Win

  • Developing Strong Internal Communications
  • Managing Workflow
    • Research Prioritization & Time Management
  • Managing People Remotely

Book Discussion – The Leadership Challenge

  • Chapter: Inspire a Shared Vision

Day 4

Creating Alliances with Internal Partners and Leaders Getting Buy-in for research

  • Using community indicators, data from management to leadership and decision-making

Communicating and Collaborating Externally

  • Incorporating customers
  • Improving community engagement

Book Discussion – The Leadership Challenge

  • Chapter: Enable Others to Act

Day 5

Activating the Research Component of the Organization’s Strategic Plan

  • Building a Dynamic Product and Services Portfolio
  • Incorporate Customers

Balancing Leadership & Administrative Management

  • Managing the research budget

Book Discussion – The Leadership Challenge

  • Chapter: Encourage the Heart

Day 6

Managing Transition & Change

Book Discussion – The Leadership Challenge

  • Chapter: Challenge the Process



Non-members:   $825.00
Workshop + CIC Annual Membership Dues:   $652.50
Community Indicators Consortium Members:   $577.50

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