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Tamarack is excited to present a special one-day workshop with David Hanna, a leading New Zealand Community-Led Development practitioner and National Coordinator, Inspiring Communities, along with Liz Weaver and Lisa Attygalle of the Tamarack Institute to learn core principles and innovative practices to engage hard to reach communities.

Impactful community change efforts require us to connect with all citizens. Most places have citizens who are identified as ‘harder to reach’. How do community change leaders meaningfully engage this part of our communities? David Hanna, National Coordinator, Inspiring Communities, New Zealand and Director, Wesley Community Action will share his experience working with and engaging diverse communities including gang families, individuals with the lived experience of poverty, socially isolated seniors and indigenous communities across New Zealand. In this engaging and interactive workshop, learn the principles of community-led development that are central to the Inspiring Communities approach and support engaging all members of communities.  Through a mix of engaging presentations, peer learning opportunities, and interactive exercises, you will learn about the practice of Community-Led Development in New Zealand.

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