Australian National Development Index

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Year Project Began: 2011
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Last Updated: Jun 19 2016
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Australian National Development Index
Type of Organization:
Nonprofit - National

Geographic Scope

Neighborhood, Municipality, Metropolitan, State/Province, National

Issue Areas

Arts and Culture, Children & Youth, Civic Engagement, Climate Change, Economy, Education, Employment, Environment, Equity, Governance, Happiness, Health & Wellbeing, Housing, Infrastructure, Land Use, Poverty, Public Safety, Recreation, Social, Transportation, Population


The Australian National Development Index (ANDI) is a collaboration of 40 leading community organisations, church groups, businesses and universities who aim to introduce a holistic measure (beyond GDP) of progress – an index that reflects the views of Australians in an ongoing, participatory process. Informed by experts, but defined by Australians, ANDI will tell us in a snapshot, how we are doing as peoples, as communities and as a nation.

ANDI provides an opportunity for people to come together in an ongoing national debate to respond to the question, “What is your vision of progress towards greater wellbeing for Australia?”


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Indicator Domains

Children and young people’s wellbeing; Community and regional life; Culture, recreation and leisure; Governance and democracy; Economic life and prosperity; Education, knowledge and creativity; ​ Environment and sustainability; Justice, fairness and human rights; Health; Indigenous wellbeing; Work and work-life balance; Subjective wellbeing and life satisfaction

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Online Reporting

Project Contact:

Regina Lane
interim Steering Committee - Educational Organization
Melbourne Victoria Australia

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