Carver County Quality of Life Report

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Year of Last Input: 2006
Last Updated: Jul 28 2017
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Carver County, MN
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Carver County Minnesota
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Government - Local

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Issue Areas

Civic Engagement, Demography, Economy, Education, Employment, Environment, Health & Wellbeing, Housing, Land Use, Poverty, Public Safety, Recreation, Social, Transportation, Aging


The Carver County Quality of Life Indicators Project serves three main purposes:

1) Collect, organize and analyze information about Carver County

Carver County’s Health Partnership, Carver County Public Health and Ridgeview Medical Center identified the need to develop a more systematic data collection sharing process in the county. One key finding was that similar demographic information is scattered and duplicated throughout the county by city, county, schools, and Ridgeview Medical Center. Sharing information has increased the capacity to identify data gaps, better assess meaningful and measurable data, develop indicators, and determine the interrelationship between indicators.

2) Provide a status report on the Quality of Life in Carver County.

The Carver County Quality of Life Indicator report is meant to identify, track, and evaluate the indicators with ongoing data collection, and bi-annual reports. To facilitate action, information from this report will be presented to leaders, decision makers, and citizens throughout the Carver County community.

3) Coordinate community goals and values

One desired outcome is to identify common indicators that reflect Carver County’s unique assets and values. The Quality of Life Indicators Report is a tool for community planning and decision making to track a wide spectrum of information. This information can help participatory and collaborative efforts, set priorities, develop community action plans, and track the progress of community goals and values.

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Demographics, Economy, Education, Environment, Growth & Housing, Health, Mobility, Leisure & Recreation, Social, Public Safety

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- Government - Local

Carver County MN USA

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