Chelan-Douglas Trends

Active Project? Yes
Year Project Began: 2008
Year of Last Input:
Last Updated: Aug 18 2020
Project Location:
North Central Washington State
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Lead Organization:
Institute for Public Policy & Economic Analysis at Eastern Washington University
Type of Organization:
Educational Organization

Geographic Scope

Metropolitan, Multi-County

Issue Areas

Arts and Culture, Children & Youth, Economy, Education, Employment, Environment, Governance, Health & Wellbeing, Housing, Land Use, Poverty, Public Safety, Recreation, Transportation, Population


Chelan – Douglas Trends is an online community resource offering a centralized location to learn more about Chelan & Douglas Counties. With 130 indicators highlighted, all are supported by trusted, reliable sources and are continually updated.

Chelan Douglas Trends seeks to improve local, public decision making by providing relevant data in an easily navigable website. The data are offered as neutral information for all parties involved in public policy issues.

More specifically, the goals are:
-To collect and share a broad spectrum of information to support informed decision making by individual community
members, governmental policy makers, non-governmental organizations, businesses, researchers and the press.
-To benchmark Chelan Douglas Trends against Washington State trends or other comparable communities to better understand our strengths and opportunities.
-To enable analysis of these trends.

The goal of this site is to create more vibrant communities in Chelan and Douglas Counties in northeastern Washington, by providing easy access to current data to anyone at any time. The trends should promote more informed decision-making by individuals and organizations. Indicators were chosen by seven focus groups consisting of a broad range of community members from local government agencies, non-profits, and businesses. Over time, the trends chosen may change, as the preferences of the residents of the three counties change. Because this is a multi-county site, every effort has been made to portray each county separately as well as in a group. Data for certain municipalities are included as well. Wherever possible, the trends are graphed as an aggregate for the two counties combined, as a set showing the trends for both on one graph, and each county separately.

View the 2020-10-30 BKCIP webinar on Chelan-Douglas Trends


EWU Institute for Public Policy and Economic Analysis

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Indicator Domains

People; Agriculture; Culture & Leisure; Economic Vitality; Education; Environment; Health; Housing; Public Safety; Transportation; Our Valley our Future/Nuestro Valle Nuestro Futuro

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Online Reporting

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NCWEDD - Other
Wenatchee WA USA