City of Glendale Quality of Life Indicators Project

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Year Project Began: 0
Year of Last Input: 2008
Last Updated: Jul 28 2017
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Glendale, CA
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City of Glendale
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Glendale is a community that has high expectations for the quality of life and services enjoyed by residents, businesses and visitors. These expectations can best be met if they are memorialized and periodically evaluated. The community has set these expectations and the City of Glendale is committed to partnering with residents and institutions to address them. This endeavor includes providing valuable information about services, finances and systems in a way that is measurable and meaningful to assess the overall health of the community.

It is our hope that this information will encourage the community to become active participants in the process of government to find innovative solutions toward building a sustainable, healthy environment for future generations.

In this effort to ensure transparency in government, assess service levels, and to inform the public, the measurements commonly known as the Glendale Quality of Life Indicators have been made accessible online.

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Glendale CA USA