City of Olympia Community Indicators

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Last Updated: Nov 29 2023
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Olympia, WA (USA)
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City of Olympia
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Government - Local

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Issue Areas

Civic Engagement, Economy, Employment, Environment, Governance, Land Use, Poverty, Recreation, Transportation, Food, Neighborhoods


Community Indicators are a way for us to track and share progress on our community’s vision within each of our five focus areas. Data for the indicators may be impacted by City initiatives or actions, but are also influenced by the broader community.

For each indicator, the gauge highlights progress toward our goal, and areas to learn more or focus more attention. Right now, the goals are general (ex. increase). Over time we expect to identify more specific targets, where appropriate.

You can explore each of the indicators by focus area below, or view them all at-a-glance on our Community Indicators Dashboard (PDF).

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Indicator Domains

Community, Safety & Health, Downtown, Economy, Environment, Neighborhoods

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- Educational Organization