Community Needs Assessment

Active Project? No
Year Project Began: 2009
Year of Last Input: 2013
Last Updated: Mar 8 2014
Project Location:
Newark, NJ
State / Province:
United States
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Type of Organization:
Educational Organization

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Issue Areas

Children & Youth, Education, Environment, Health & Wellbeing, Housing, Land Use, Poverty, Social, Economy (includes economic development), Employment (includes jobs, wages and unemployment), Equity (includes social justice, environmental justice, racial and ethnic diversity), Governance (includes voting), Public Safety (includes emergency preparedness), Civic Engagement (includes volunteerism)


The Center for Collaborative Change is proud to present the first results from our 2012 Newark Community Needs Assessment. The Needs Assessment is a combination of primary and secondary research including two surveys and a series of practitioner interviews conducted by the Center over the past year.

The Physical Wellbeing, and Economic Wellbeing Sections are complete. The Physical Wellbeing Section has been broken into two subsections Crime and Public Safety, and Health. The Economic Wellbeing Section is broken into three subsections, Housing and Healthy Neighborhoods, Economy, and Education.

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Laurel Dumont - Educational Organization