COMPASS of Larimer County

Active Project? No
Year Project Began: 2001
Year of Last Input: 2011
Last Updated: Jul 31 2017
Project Location:
Fort Collins, CO
State / Province:
United States
Lead Organization:
COMPASS of Larimer County
Type of Organization:

Geographic Scope

Municipality, County, State/Province, National

Issue Areas

Children & Youth, Economy, Education, Employment, Environment, Governance, Health & Wellbeing, Housing, Population, Poverty, Public Safety, Transportation, Civic Engagement


COMPASS of Larimer County is currently a collaborative project between Larimer County and United Way of Larimer County. It is a web-based community indicators project which is updated as new data become available. There are currently more than 100 indicators on a variety of social, economic, and environmental topics.

2017 Update: The Compass project is no longer funded, but you can visit to view the archived version.

Please visit our Larimer Health Tracker website for the latest health data collected by local, state, and national organizations. Overall, more than 700 health indicators are available, including selected socioeco¬nomic and environmental measures which strongly affect a community’s health status.

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Project Contact:

Deborah Campbell
COMPASS of Larimer County -
Fort Collins CO-Colorado United States