Cultural Vitality Indicators

Active Project? No
Year Project Began: 0
Year of Last Input: 2006
Last Updated: Jul 31 2017
Project Location:
Entire Country
State / Province:
Lead Organization:
The Urban Institute
Type of Organization:
Educational Organization

Geographic Scope

Metropolitan, National

Issue Areas

Arts and Culture


The Urban Institute’s Arts and Culture Indicators in Communities Project (ACIP) attempts the difficult and vanguard task of statistically representing a community’s “Cultural Vitality,” defined as “a community’s evidence of creating, disseminating, validating, and supporting arts and culture as a dimension of everyday life.” Those supporting the project feel that the arts and creative expression do not receive proper representation within policy-making discussions. The index serves as a resource to give voice to that crucial aspect of a community’s quality of life.

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Project Contact:

Maria Jackson
The Urban Institute - Educational Organization
Washington DC USA