Hillsborough Community Atlas

Active Project? No
Year Project Began: 2006
Year of Last Input: 2015
Last Updated: Aug 12 2017
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Hillsborough County, FL
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Lead Organization:
University of South Florida, Florida Center for Community Design and Research
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The Community Atlas provides citizens, professionals, and students with comprehensive and accessible data — a resource designed to visualize and compare current and historical information through interactive mapping for local communities and neighborhoods. Typically, people who live and work in different communities around the county have found it difficult to gather the information they need from the myriad of agencies that collect the related data and provide particular services. Often when data and information are provided about communities it is limited to particular subjects. To solve this problem, we conceived of the Atlas as a “one stop information shop” to find the variety of information (social, physical and environmental) that relates to a community.

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