Impact Essex County

Active Project? Yes
Year Project Began:
Year of Last Input: 2017
Last Updated: Nov 29 2023
Project Location:
Essex County, MA
State / Province:
Lead Organization:
Essex County Community Foundation (ECCF)
Type of Organization:
Foundation - Community

Geographic Scope


Issue Areas

Children & Youth, Demography, Economy, Education, Employment, Health & Wellbeing, Financial Self-sufficiency,


Impact Essex County is an initiative of the Essex County Community Foundation (ECCF) that uses Community Indicators as measurements of social, environmental and economic factors that affect a community’s quality of life. The Impact Essex County website is aimed at creating a holistic picture of Essex County to deepen knowledge and understanding of our community and its local areas.

The data and analysis of 100 indicators on this website will serve as a common source of information on critical topics that affect progress in Essex County. The metrics tracked will inform not only ECCF but also all community stakeholders to facilitate collaboration within Essex County and monitor the impact of collective efforts.

The Impact Essex County project is advised by a countywide Council of community leaders representing government, business and nonprofit sectors.  The Advisory Council is assisting ECCF with analyzing the indicator results, identifying the County’s most pressing needs and developing a countywide initiative to successfully address the most urgent issues.

View the Better Know a CIC Project Webinar (2018-03-02):  Impact Essex County Indicators

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Indicator Domains

Children & Youth, Community Life, Demographics, Economy and Workforce, Education, Financial Self-sufficiency, Health

Reporting Format

Online Reporting, Online Dashboard

Project Contact:

Essex County Community Foundation (ECCF) - Foundation - Community