Keeping Track Online – The Status of New York Children

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Last Updated: Nov 29 2023
Project Location:
New York, NY (US)
State / Province:
New York
United States
Lead Organization:
Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York (CCC)
Type of Organization:
Nonprofit - Community-based

Geographic Scope

Sub-neighborhood, Neighborhood, Municipality

Issue Areas

Children & Youth, Demography, Education, Equity, Health & Wellbeing, Housing, Justice, Poverty, Food, Neighborhoods, Quality of life


Citizens’ Committee for Children’s Keeping Track of New York City’s Children is the most comprehensive compilation of data on New York City’s children. These data are the foundation of our fact-based advocacy and public education efforts.

CCC’s Community Risk Ranking combines data from across multiple dimensions of child well-being – economic security, health, housing, education, issues specific to teens and youths, and family and community – to provide a better understanding of where risks to child well-being concentrate across New York City’s 59 community districts. This information can help to determine where additional resources, supports or services are needed to improve outcomes for children.

View the Better Know a CIC Project Webinar ( 2020-04):


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Indicator Domains

Demographics - Economic Conditions - Housing and Homelessness - Health and Mental Health - Early Care and Education - Education - Youth & Juvenile Justice - Child Welfare and Community Safety

Reporting Format

Online Reporting, Interactive Online Display

Project Contact:

Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York (CCC) - Nonprofit - Community-based