Maine Measures of Growth

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Year of Last Input: 2017
Last Updated: Aug 6 2017
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State of Maine
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Maine Development Foundation
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The Maine Economic Growth Council’s Measures of Growth report tracks Maine’s performance on 25 indicators that collectively provide a comprehensive overview of our economy and our progress toward the Council’s vision of a high quality of life for all Maine people.

The Maine Economic Growth Council’s vision is a high
quality of life for all Maine people. The Council believes
this vision can be achieved through a vibrant and
sustainable economy, thriving communities, and a
healthy environment. In practice, we need to grow our
economy in a way that honors and builds upon what
is special and unique about our state. The indicators
in this report, and other potential indicators, are
carefully reviewed for their relevance and importance
in achieving our vision.
The Council was established by statute to develop,
maintain, and evaluate a long-term economic
plan for the State, including the development
and recommendation of goals, benchmarks, and
alternative strategies for a sustainable Maine economy.
The Measures of Growth report is intended to serve as
a guide to policymakers at all levels, helping them to
focus their efforts and understand the connections
between and among the major issues affecting the
economy and the well-being of Maine people.

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