Puget Sound Vital Signs

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Year Project Began: 2009
Year of Last Input: 2017
Last Updated: Oct 8 2017
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Tacoma, WA
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Puget Sound Partnership
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Geographic Scope

Sub-State Region

Issue Areas

Arts and Culture, Economy, Environment, Governance, Land Use, Sustainability, Sense of place


Puget Sound, sea, marine


In 2010, the Puget Sound Partnership engaged regional experts and the public in identifying the key ecosystem indicators and pressures that would help us identify whether we were making progress in restoring the Sound. In 2011, the Leadership Council adopted targets – specific measures that we could use as ‘Vital Signs’ of Puget Sound’s health. The indicators and targets have been incorporated into a Dashboard that is intended to help us track our efforts. The Dashboard will serve as a report card on our success in meeting our targets.

Each section of the Dashboard provides information on these indicators. It also provides an ongoing list of the efforts our Partners are making and suggestions on what individual citizens can do to join this effort. All of this information will be continuously updated. We have also provided a link to ‘My Puget Sound’ that will enable visitors to this site to engage friends and associates, provide additional strategies for restoring the Sound, or give us feedback on how our Dashboard can be improved.

While the Vital Signs represent the different overarching measures for determining the health of Puget Sound, indicators representing each Vital Sign serve as the specific and measurable metrics. Each Vital Sign is represented by one or more indicators. To assess progress toward recovery goals more precisely, the Partnership adopted specific and quantitative milestones, known as 2020 ecosystem recovery targets. These targets are policy statements, sometimes considered aspirational, that reflect the region’s commitments to and expectations for recovering Puget Sound by the year 2020.

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Online Reporting

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Puget Sound Partnership - Educational Organization
Tacoma WA USA