Active Project? Yes
Year Project Began: 2010
Year of Last Input: 2016
Last Updated: Jun 29 2016
Project Location:
San Antonio, Texas
State / Province:
San Antonio, Texas
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Geographic Scope

Neighborhood, Municipality, County, Metropolitan

Issue Areas

Arts and Culture, Children & Youth, Climate Change, Economy (includes economic development), Education, Employment (includes jobs, wages and unemployment), Environment, Equity (includes social justice, environmental justice, racial and ethnic diversity), Governance (includes voting), Health & Wellbeing, Housing, Population, Poverty, Public Safety (includes emergency preparedness), Recreation, Social, Transportation, Civic Engagement (includes volunteerism)


SA2020 began in 2010 as a vision for the future of San Antonio developed through a community-wide visioning process to achieve by 2020. In 2013, SA2020 became a non-profit organization with a mission to turn this vision into reality. SA2020 works to do so by: 1) Measuring progress: Independently and objectively track progress on all of the community’s shared goals via our Data Dashboard, 2) Supporting partners: Offer support and resources for more than 140 organizations, and make connections and collaborations to align efforts in San Antonio, 3) Engage the public: Encourage community members to volunteer, vote, serve, give, and help affect change in San Antonio.

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Molly Cox -