Savannah Metro/Chatham County Community Assessment Report

Active Project? No
Year Project Began: 0
Year of Last Input: 2006
Last Updated: Jul 6 2012
Project Location:
Savanah Metro Region, GA
State / Province:
Lead Organization:
ChathamCnty/Savannah Metro Plan Commission
Type of Organization:
Nonprofit - Community-based

Geographic Scope

County, Metropolitan

Issue Areas

Arts and Culture, Economy, Education, Employment, Environment, Governance, Health & Wellbeing, Housing, Land Use, Population, Poverty, Transportation


This report was published through The Community Indicators Chapter of the Tricentennial Plan. The indicators it focuses on are mainly social ones such as population growth, family income, and education. The report defines its methodology and the terms that go along with it. In the introduction, the Janus face of indicators is made explicit. They reflect, as well as produce. They create a representational map of what was/is, while also leading to the creation of new plans and sustainable design for the future. Indicators act as the crucial conduit between evaluation and planning.

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Project Contact:

Dennis Hutton
Chatham County Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission - Educational Organization