Skagit County Trends

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Last Updated: Mar 21 2023
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United States
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Eastern Washington University's (EWU) Institute (Institute) for Public Policy and Economic Analysis
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Educational Organization

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Issue Areas

Arts and Culture, Children & Youth, Civic Engagement, Demography, Economy, Education, Employment, Environment, Health & Wellbeing, Housing, Justice, Land Use, Recreation, Social, Transportation


Skagit County Trends is a project of the Population Health Trust Advisory Committee. The Trust seeks to enrich local, private, and public decision-making to improve health and wellbeing by providing current and relevant data in an easy to navigate website. The data provided on this site is offered as neutral information for the consumer to utilize as they see fit. More specifically, the goals are:

  • Be a community repository for accurate and reliable data
  • Strengthen public awareness about the status of our community
  • Provide a current and unbiased perspective on the health and vitality of Skagit County
  • Stimulate thinking about how to work together to improve quality of life
  • Serve as a catalyst for people and organizations to develop shared goals and outcomes


EWU Institute for Public Policy and Economic Analysis

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Indicator Domains

People; Agriculture; Economic Vitality; Education; Environment; Health; Housing; Public Safety; Recreation & Tourism; Transit; Population Health Trustansportation

Reporting Format

Online Reporting

Other Partners

City County, United Way, College/University Public Health Dept.

Project Contact:

Scott Richter
Eastern Washington University's (EWU) Institute (Institute) for Public Policy and Economic Analysis - Educational Organization