State of the Region Report

Active Project? Yes
Year Project Began: 2017
Year of Last Input:
Last Updated: Dec 11 2023
Project Location:
Ventura County (Ventura County)
State / Province:
United States
Lead Organization:
Ventura County Civic Alliance
Type of Organization:
Nonprofit - Community-based

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Issue Areas

Civic Engagement, Economy, Education, Environment, Health & Wellbeing, Housing, Land Use, Social, Transportation, Agriculture


The State of the Region Report provides a unique perspective on Ventura County through independently researched and interpreted data that accurately reflects the quality of life in Ventura County. The Ventura County Civic Alliance publishes the State of the Region Report every two years. This independently researched report presents data on more than 100 quality of life indicators in Ventura County arranged into 12 key topic areas (domains). This highly respected study on Ventura County is used by elected officials, businesses, community leaders, nonprofit organizations, the educational community, and many others as an indispensable tool in understanding our region and preparing for the future.

The 2019 State of the Region Report is the premier collection of indispensable data about Ventura County.

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Indicator Domains

Agriculture, Community Engagement & Resources, Economy, Education, Land Use & Housing, Natural & Environmental Resources, Public Health, Public Safety, Social Service, Transportation

Reporting Format

Bi- or Triennial Report

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Community Foundation

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