Walla Walla Trends

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Last Updated: Nov 29 2023
Project Location:
Walla Walla County, Washington
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United States
Lead Organization:
Eastern Washington University's (EWU) Institute (Institute) for Public Policy and Economic Analysis
Type of Organization:
Educational Organization

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Issue Areas

Arts and Culture, Children & Youth, Civic Engagement, Demography, Economy, Education, Employment, Environment, Health & Wellbeing, Housing, Infrastructure, Land Use, Public Safety, Transportation


The Walla Walla Trends project seeks to improve local, public decision making by providing relevant data in an easily navigable website. The data provided on this website is offered as neutral information. We leave it up to the citizens to apply the information according to their individual value judgment.

More specifically, the goals are:

  • To collect and share a broad spectrum of information to support informed decision making by individual community members, governmental policy makers, non-governmental organizations, businesses, researchers and the press.
  • To benchmark Walla Walla Trends against Washington State trends or other comparable communities.
  • To enable analysis of these trends.

In determining which data sets would be used, the following guidelines were followed:

  • Important to large numbers of the community
  • Valid measurements defined by good science and social science
  • Understandable to a lay audience
  • Can be benchmarked to Washington State trends or similar sized communities
  • Available repeatedly over time to allow trend analysis
  • Accessible
  • Sourced from credible sites


EWU Institute for Public Policy and Economic Analysis

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Indicator Domains

People; Economic Vitality; Education; Environment; Health; Housing; Public Safety; Transportation

Reporting Format

Online Reporting

Project Contact:

Scott Richter
Eastern Washington University's (EWU) Institute (Institute) for Public Policy and Economic Analysis - Educational Organization