Patria de Lancer Julnes, PhD, Penn State Harrisburg, School of Public Affairs
Cheryle Broom, King County Auditor (Retired)
Soyoung Park, DPA, Korea Public Finance Information Service


The Community Indicators Consortium (CIC) promotes the integration of community indicators with performance measurement systems as an important step toward improving community outcomes and the well-being of citizens. Political leadership and collaboration with stakeholders may act as both drivers and challenges to integration.  Reported impacts of integration include greater trust and credibility, change of behavior within agencies involved, and changes in service delivery. Though most of the integration efforts studied continue to advance, their sustainability is not guaranteed and at least one of the efforts has ceased. 

Participants realized that successfully integrating CI and PM and sustaining the effort required ongoing and meaningful participation from diverse groups. Without a good ongoing communication system to receive information and to give feedback to the public, the likelihood of building commitment to the effort and accountability to the public is very low.

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