Community Quality-of-Life Indicators: Best Cases VII


Community Quality-of-Life Indicators: Best Cases VII
Meg Holden, Rhonda Phillips and Chantal Stevens, Editors

This book is the seventh volume in a series covering best practices in community quality of life indicators. The case studies and analysis in this volume demonstrate how community indicators projects today operate within a need to amplify the voice of disadvantaged communities, seriously explore the increasing use of information technology, produce positive community change and sustain these efforts over time. The work presented here spans North American and Australian community work and demonstrates how the field of community indicators has undergone a rapid evolution in only a few decades. Today as in their original formulations, community indicators projects are designed to gauge the social, economic and physical health and well-being of communities.



Springer International Publishing 2017


1 The History, Status and Future of the Community Indicators Movement
Lyle Wray, Chantal Stevens and Meg Holden

Part I Organizing Concepts and Collaboration in Community Indicators

2 The Role of Subjective Well-Being as an Organizing Concept for Community Indicators
Christopher Barrington-Leigh

3 Community Indicators and the Collective Goods Criterion for Impact
Frank Ridzi

4 Collaboration to Promote Use of Community Indicators: Communication Is Key
Craig Helmstetter, Paul Mattessich, Ruth Hamberg and Nancy Hartzler

5 Aligning Local and Regional Data to Achieve a More Inclusive Economy: A Northeast Ohio Model
Emily Garr Pacetti

6 Getting to Groundbreaking, but not Build Out: From Formation to Failure in a Regional Housing Indicators Collaborative
Meg Holden

Part II Community Indicators Identifying Different Types of Disadvantage

7 Environmental Justice in Australia: Measuring the Relationship Between Industrial Odour Exposure and Community Disadvantage
Lucy Dubrelle Gunn, Billy Greenham, Melanie Davern, Suzanne Mavoa, Elizabeth Jean Taylor and Mark Bannister

8 Addressing Disparities and Improving the System of Care for Veterans Through the Community Assessment Process
Samantha Green and Melanie Espino

9 Economic Issues for Women in Texas
Jennifer Lee and Frances Deviney

10 Comprehensive Sustainability Indicators: The Houston Sustainability Indicators Program
Lester O. King

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