Community Quality-of-Life Indicators: Best Cases VIII


Community Quality-of-Life Indicators: Best Cases VIII
Ridzi, Frank, Stevens, Chantal, Davern, Melanie (Eds.)

  • Provides case studies reflecting approaches that use shared indicators to improve overall community well-being and quality of life
  • Includes a diverse array of initiatives and locations on the effects of community indicators on planning and community development
  • Provides examples of how citizen science has been used to develop new community indicators and apply these in practice


Springer International Publishing 2020

This book is the seventh volume in a series covering best practices in community quality of life indicators. The case studies and analysis in this volume demonstrate how community indicators projects today operate within a need to amplify the voice of disadvantaged communities, seriously explore the increasing use of information technology, produce positive community change and sustain these efforts over time. The work presented here spans North American and Australian community work and demonstrates how the field of community indicators has undergone a rapid evolution in only a few decades. Today as in their original formulations, community indicators projects are designed to gauge the social, economic and physical health and well-being of communities.


Creating and Sustaining Community Indicators Projects: From Engagement to Results
Stevens, Chantal (et al.)

Goldilocks Data-Connecting Community Indicators to Program Evaluation and Everything in Between
Ridzi, Frank

Strategies for Expanding Indicator Profiles to Small Rural Geographies
Wascalus, Jacob (et al.)

Measuring the Dream for an Equitable and Sustainable Future
O’Connell, Katie (et al.)

Meaningful, Manageable, and Moveable: Lessons Learned from Building a Local Poverty Index
Crawford, Jamison (et al.)

The Development of DISC (Decision Integration for Strong Communities): An Agile Software Application of Sustainability Indicators for Small and Rural Communities
Summers, Kevin (et al.)

Indicators Supporting Public Health, Partnership, Liveability and Integrated Planning Practice: The Case Study of the Cardinia Shire Growth Area in Melbourne, Australia
Davern, Melanie (et al.)

Five Conditions Conducive to Sustainability Plans and Measurements
Powell, Jim

Leveraging Data for Meaningful Improvements: How Credible Data Enables Partnership Alignment to Achieve Well-Being at the Population Level
Brutschy, Susan (et al.)

Data Parties: Giving the Community Tools to Use East Metro Pulse Survey Data
Connell, Emma (et al.)

Data-Driven Decision Making and Community Indicators: Towards an Integration of DDDM in Community Development
Abraham, David




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