Pre-conf workshop: Community Data for Equity Action

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Pre-conf workshop: Community Data for Equity Action


This workshop will provide a hands on tutorial into creating your first dashboard with Tableau Public; an open source data visualization application.

Duck, Duck, Goose Room
3rd Floor
Curtis Hotel Denver
1405 Curtis Street, Denver, Colorado, 80202, USA

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As America grows more diverse yet racial inequities in health, wealth, and opportunity remain wide and persistent, community action to advance equity – just and fair inclusion – is more critical than ever. Robust data that is disaggregated by race/ethnicity, income, neighborhood, and more plays a key role in supporting community groups, advocates, planners, policymakers, and others understand the state of equity in communities and inform policy solutions. This workshop, designed for anyone interested in producing and using local data tools to advance equity, will introduce equity as a concept, share examples of local and national data tools designed to advance equity, and present a set of principles for designing data tools for health equity action developed by PolicyLink and EcoTrust.

Instructor:  Sarah Treuhaft

Bio: Sarah Treuhaft is Senior Director at PoliciyLink where she coordinates the organization’s work on demographic change and the economy, collaborating with local and national partners on research and action projects that aim to build a more equitable economy. She oversees the All-In Cities initiative, which equips city officials, community advocates, and other civic leaders with policy ideas, data, and hands-on assistance to advance racial economic inclusion and equitable growth. She also manages the research partnership between PolicyLink and the Program for Environmental and Regional Equity (PERE), which provides community leaders with data and analysis to make the case that equity is both a moral imperative and the key to sustainable economic prosperity. The PolicyLink/PERE partnership maintains the National Equity Atlas data and policy tool.