The Senior Research Analyst will join a small team of experienced researchers and will contribute to APM Research Lab‘s research agenda and publication calendar. The analyst will contribute to several projects, some of which will run concurrently.  Recent projects include: a demographic analysis of congressional elections, a look at changes in the housing market in larger US cities, an exploratory study about how people think about water, and national surveys about Americans’ attitudes toward four-year degrees and labor unions. In addition, we are interested in leveraging the particular areas of expertise and interests of the Senior Research Analyst.  The analyst will gain valuable experience with public media, writing for nontechnical/nonacademic audiences, collaborating on the production of digital content—possibly including blog posts and social media content—as well as strengthening their skills in public engagement and marketing. The Senior Research Analyst is likely to interface with several other parts of American Public Media, including marketing; newsrooms (Minnesota Public Radio and/or Marketplace and/or Southern California Public

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