We will recognize those leaders and projects that made a difference in the last few years or over a lifetime. Awards will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Community Project: CIC seeks to recognize projects that are grounded in, and supported by, the community and use data to analyze, communicate community conditions, engage the public and policy makers to catalyze action for making measurable and sustainable improvements in quality of community life.
  • Legacy Project: Recognizing that change takes time and requires a long-term commitment to place and people, CIC will recognize projects that have have undertaken a long, shared evolution in their communities with a history of engagement and accomplishments. Projects need to have been in continuous existence for at least 15 years and still be in a strong position to catalyze change.
  • Community leaders: Leaders who have demonstrated extraordinary contribution to the indicators field with cutting-edge approaches to engaging their community and/or translating data into action for the purpose of improving their community’s conditions and well-being.
  • Hall of Heroes: leaders who have developed or used tools or methods that help translate data into action to make significant, long-term impact on the indicators field and the improvement of community conditions and well-being.

We look forward to hearing from those exceptional leaders and project directors what the secrets to their success are and what wisdom they can impart on us all.

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Friday August 7