Place-based funders (such as Community Foundations, United Ways and local governments) are often the first line of defense to shore up communities in crisis and to help it recover. In this session, sponsored by Clear Impact, LLC and led by Frank Ridzi (Central New York Community Foundation), we will explore how funders depend on community data to further their missions and build resilience into their communities. Presentations include:

  • Mapping Indicators of Well-Being across U. S. Community Foundations (Patsy Kraeger – Georgia Southern University and Rhonda Phillips)
  • (Mendi Blue-Paca – Fairfield County’s Community Foundation)
  • Police reform and their use of number in prison as an indicator goal (Imee Cambronero – Minneapolis Community Foundation)
  • Using indicator data from childcare system to identify highest need (Rubayi Estes – Santa Barbara Foundation)
  • Finding & Creating Community Indicators for Intellectual Disabilities, Learning Disabilities, Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders (Donald Matteson – Peter & Elizabeth Tower Foundation)
  • Using Data to Drive Philanthropy during COVID-19 (Diana Zarzuelo – Greater Houston Community Foundation)
  • Using Synthetic Community Modeling Data to Plan COVID Relief and Recovery (Thomas Kelly – Hawaii Community Foundation)
  • Using Community Indicators for Real time Covid Response (Frank Ridzi – Central New York Community Foundation)
  • Investing in Data Capacity for Community Change (Kathryn Pettit – The Urban Institute)

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Tuesday August 4