The Mission Promise Neighborhood (MPN) provides wrap-around support to children and families from prenatal to college to career. Nine partners work to ensure that every child in our community is ready to learn when they enter school. Our success in working together to break down organizational silos is due in large part to our commitment to a collective impact approach that includes: a common agenda; collecting data and consistently measuring results; coordinating mutually reinforcing activities; open and continuous communication; and, most importantly, partnering with families in an authentic way. We will share our collective impact story of aligning our work to contribute to one result and one indicator at the population level in our community; how as a backbone organization for this collective, MPN has inspired partners to collaborate, share data, and create new strategies to address the most pressing disparities in our community; the various tools that we have used over the years to engage partners, collect data, and review data collectively for continuous improvements, such as Results-Based Accountability (RBA), Results Based Facilitation (RBF), Scorecards with program performance measures, and a Referral Tool through our Salesforce database.

Workshop instructor: Liz Cortez, Mission Promise Neighborhood

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Monday August 3